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They say first impression lasts, and if there’s any consolation to that , I would gladly accept given the fact that my first weekend of the year was a blast!

First Saturday and Sunday was well spent with the people I’m practically siblings with. I didn’t sign up for a sleepover on this particular weekend since mum and pop are both in the pause stage (meno and andro), hence, they’re clingy parents, but when the need arises that they should let me go, they do so. And in this instant, they happily pushed me away into sleeping over at my bestfriend’s house for her much needed rescue. In layman’s term, I had a pjammies party at Kaye’s house with Carlo and Carina, plus Ken on skype.

On a rainy sunday morning, we decided to take the damsel in distress out to play in her natural habitat (Kaye’s a pisces). We went swimming and just had pure fun! this definitely capped off my sweet first weekend of 2013. (ALTHOUGH MY HEART BROKE THAT MY BODY GAVE UP ON THE LAST FEW HOURS BEFORE PAULO AVELINO WENT UP THE STAGE huhu)

 Sometimes, it takes a wrong turn to figure out which road to take and which companions to bring on the journey :) 

My favorite weekend of the month! 

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